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The Beauty of Alias
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Site Started: December 19, 2002
Site Updated: March 2, 2002

Do you want a wallpaper of your favorite celebrity? How about your favorite TV shows? Click here to request wallpaper from The Beauty of Alias!



Wow, I haven't updated in like, forever! I've been busy re-creating my fansite, Alias Fanatics United. Therefore, I am giving you so many updates that your head should explode! I hope you enjoy them, and I apologize for not updating in so long.



- Episode-based wallpapers of "Almost Thirty Years," "A Free Agent," "Phase One" and "Color-Blind" in the Groups and Shipper sections.


- A new Jennifer Garner wp and a Vaughn wp


Many new updates in the Non-Alias section. Wallpapers of includeMatthew McConaughey, Ethan Embry, Hayden Christensen Skeet Ulrich, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Christina Aguilera, and Owen Wilson! 


- And what kind of day would it be without some good 'ol non-Alias wallpaper? We have TWO Fight Club wallpapers for you today!


- We've also got a new 'shipper wallpaper. It's actually of Syd and Vaughn and Jack and Irina, but we just stuck it in the S/V category.


- We've got a new Jennifer Garner wallpaper, a new Michael Vartan wallpaper, a new Bradley Cooper wallpaper, and a new David Anders wallpaper! Too much hotness!





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Disclaimer: All wallpapers are made by me, and only me. Do not take wallpapers from my site and post them as your own. Do not upload wallpapers from my site onto your own site without proper credit to THE BEAUTY OF ALIAS.