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The Beauty of Alias


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E-mail me with...

If you have any request for wallpaper, whether it be for Alias or something else, feel free to e-mail me at, and I'll see what I can do. See below for guidelines.You can also e-mail me with what you think about my stuff!

What You Need to Request a Wallpaper:
1. Your Name
2. Theme
3. Characters Involved
4. Any Pictures You Specifically Want
5. Size of Wallpaper (either 800x600 or 1024x768)
Example Form #1:
1. Lana
2. Celebrity
3. Elijah Wood
4. (uploaded picture or link to picture here)
5. 800x600
Example Form #2:
1. Lana
2. TV Show- Alias
3. Vaughn and Sydney
4. You choose
5. 1024x768